Thursday, July 30, 2015

Saudi Crooner? Turki Is Everything Your Love Life Needs

So many Khaleej based artists go by the name Turki, it's a royal name too. Here's one super talented Saudi singer that uses that name and he is doing well by that name. 99 percent of Saudi singers do not try to be famous outside of their country--there is plenty of money at home. But those who do tend to do it for the celebrity chair not necessary for the funds.

When you look up Turki, you learn many Iraqis share his songs on their forums and consider him one of their own. That's neat! I like him in this romantic style. He is a lot like these old Abdul Majeed Abdallah songs. Pure, innocent and unassuming love is there comfort zone. The music is pretty fine and it does help the song and the listener to keep focused on it.

The power of the Saudi song has always been reliant on its poetic lyrics, Turki sticks to that tradition and dazzle us once more.
Turki ... Ya Darory | تركي ... يا ضروري


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