Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Arab Summer Hit Arrives And It Has Ramy Ayach's Name #Yala_Nor2os

Ramy Ayach has added the title of music composer to his very long resume. Hear his work in his latest hot popping dance single. A song about dancing for the dancer in you. Better yet, the lyrics for this song are the work of the sensitive soul Salim Assaf.

Yala Nor2os, is an Arabic phrase for lets' dance. Though this is a single release, the full album is coming soon and this song lands now to build up the excitement. Fady Haddad directed the pop star, but this is not an average music video. Ramy does not do average and he always like to innovate and standout. This is a real treat from Ramy who takes his work seriously and his image is something he is very protective of.

White and black dominate this joint  and Ramy looks upbeat and in the zone for this happy and energetic summer hit. He is there to party and bring out the party with this pop gold. Last song he had like that it came almost five years ago. Yes, there are models in shorty outfits, fast cars, and dogs. This is also an ad for a car company that is trying to cash in Ramy's coolness.  
رامي عياش - يلا نرقص / Ramy Ayach - Yala Nor2os


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