Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Fares Karam (Rotana) vs. Mohammed Assaf (Platinum Records)

Two mega music companies are prepping for new releases for some of the hottest music videos. The first is a young Palestinian Arab Idol doing an Egyptian song. The other is for a Lebanese hit-maker who has consistently releases a summer dance hit every summer for the past 15 years.

Not sure what these two songs have in common with another, but they will be sort of important in the pop music scene. We sort of miss Mohammed Assaf, he has now to do great things to get our attention, mediocre songs do not work. Sure we are proud of him and what he has accomplished but if he wants to be a big number in pop music, he has to play by the rules and own it.

Fares Karam needs no introduction, The Lebanese bro and pro hit-maker released a mini album almost a week before Ramadan and now he is back marketing his two album songs with a music videos. Fares knows how to make a summer hit--somehow the music and energy stays the same the lyrics and topic vary. He is playing stalker for his music video--not cool anywhere but in the Middle East.   

محمد عساف - أيوه هغني - قريباً | Mohammed Assaf - Aywa Haghany - Coming Soon

Fares Karam ... Aal Tayeb - Clip Promo | فارس كرم ... عالطيب - برومو الكليب