Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Love In The Time Of ISIS As Told By One Syrian Music Video

I have been noticing more romance songs from Syria that allude to the war in that country. Romance is hard in conservative societies, but it's all but possibly during wartime. Hussam Jneed is releasing a new song where he is posing as a Syrian solider caught in war--sleepless nights for him for his lady.

These songs are popular even in peace time, and Hussam Jneed pulls a believable Syrian officer. It's one of those styles that young people enjoy and find it great for dance. The added value is of course to support that country's military.

Let's hope these two lovebirds get to enjoy each other's company one more time. But we all hope Syria will have better days than the current ones. It's only fitting the female to be a nurse to heal as the army does little in this department.

What's impressive the amount of action this music video shows--the Syrian army had to have a hand in producing this one. Indeed they are getting a thank you in the credit toward the end. You see the war captured beautifully. And you get to see ISIS types. You see the army protecting civilians and defending them under fire from terrorists. If this is true then sign me up for this army.
حسام جنيد - حبيتك بالحرب كليب - Hussam Jneed- habytik belharb


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