Thursday, July 23, 2015

Why Does Shatha Hassoun Copy Najwa Karam's Look? #Walhana

I like Shatha Hassoun and think she has an awesome talent and knows how to market it very well. No two people can argue about her talent, we know she has a capable voice and something warm about her. She did walk away from that Star Academy season a decade ago and established a brand and thriving career.

Now, she has met a lot of success in countries like Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq, Morocco, and Dubai. She is also a big draw in Jordan as well. What disappoints me is that by watching her new music video, I could not help but notice she seems to look, dress and act like Najwa Karam. Also, whatever happened to her eyes? Shatha Hassoun here is talking up her affection to this pretty boy. She is selling herself short. And the music video feels a lot similar to few others we have already seen not too long ago.

I like Najwa to be Najwa and I love Shatha to be Shatha, even those hats remind me of music videos we have seen before form Najwa Karam years ago. So the story three dudes and three girls, some of them are funny but the ones who sing and look good are the ones whose story is being told here.

I am all for the beach for fun, I liked this song before, but do readers see what I am talking about here? It might be the director's fault or the makeup artist, even the stylist, but original always pays.  
Shatha Hassoun ... Walhana - Video Clip | شذى حسون ... ولهانة - فيديو كليب


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