Saturday, July 25, 2015

Video: Bedtime Kisses With Najwa Karam In Croatia!

Najwa Karam likes all things beautiful things, she releases a true surprise song and a music video filmed in Croatia and things look really good for her. The title is already attention grabbing--the night kiss--the kiss before bedtime to be precises.

You really cannot miss these gorgeous outfits of Najwa's She has been a stylish lady since day one, for this music video she does it with elegance. What helps Najwa stand out is that shes does not fear the camera, in fact she might intimidate the camera and the person behind it. Croatia stole the show and Najwa Karam have some kind of harmony. Not sure what to make of her favorite dresser-Zuhir Mrad. He gives his best work and she translates it into pure elegance.  

This song sneaked up on me and many others as it was only on the radar since April of this year. After watching the music video and the song, this feels like a welcome return to Najwa;s 90's songs. How about that slick Mawal? She kicks off the song with her vintage trademark that eases us into a smooth song that does not allow the music to overtake its flirty lyrics.

نجوى كرم | بوسة قبل النوم | (Najwa Karam | Bawsit Abel L Nawm (Music Video


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