Friday, July 3, 2015

Jordanian Muslim Singer Mohammad Alkouni Replaces Rotana's Sexy Ladies

Islamic songs better know performer (Munshid) Mohammad Alkouni is a native of Jordan and is a celebrity in the Muslim/ Arab world. It seems Saudi company Rotana picked him up and together they released a supplication album during the Muslim holy month.

Sure, music sales tank during the month, but business is good as people still have cash to spend. Enters the stage the gifted lovely voice of Mohammad Alkouni. I know music channels are always looking for Ramadan appropriate entertainment to keep their advertising revenue up. And as people become more spiritual this month, there's room for Mohammad Alkouni
Mohammad Alkouni … Hal Hakan - Islamic | محمد الكوني … هل حقا - إسلامي

. . Mohammad Alkouni … Erham Hali - Ismalic | محمد الكوني … ارحم حالي - إسلامي


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