Friday, July 24, 2015

Rasha: Rotana Finds A Hip Egyptian Girl!

01 - Gaya Al Ayam
02 - Dalaa Al Dalaa
03 - Al Hob We Al Salam
04 - Albi Hedyah
05 - Min Khofy Aleak
06 - Fe Lelah Men El Layaly
07 - Enta Meano
08 - Mabaetsh Mesadaah
Here's a fresh pop album from a young artists who is breaking out with Rotana. She is Rasha and she seems cool and hip for that Saudi company yet they are working together. Rasha is a new comer and she sings like an old Egyptian soul making girlie songs loved by the masses.

Her debut album features eight tracks with various tempo, moods and topics. It's pretty awesome that Rotana still believed in young and new talents that are not from the Khaleej region. We do not get many songs like those of Rasha in today's industry....they all make electronic crap over and over. So this is a sane album at a very insane time.

Rotana is a big company, but they are not doing a great job attracting menials, they do well with older listens, but the menials who are outside the Gulf, feel the company does not cater ti them. Maybe Rasha is a first wave of trying to change that.

Listen to the album here
Rasha … Dalaa Al Dalaa | رشا … دلع الدلع


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