Tuesday, July 14, 2015

See #Gaza Like Never Before--Thanks To This Friendly Drone

Some young guys in Gaza, got together and came up with a drone concept, they launched it in the air around Gaza, and were able to capture their city in such an amazing way that we Palestinians were never able to see before--I am certain the Israeli army has such footage before.

The drone launched from a soccer stadium in the heart of Gaza and journeyed around town, bringing us joy as we look at Gaza's most developed part, the city and the water side. I am impressed by the talent who brought us this drone, and only hope that Israel does not find an excuse to bomb it..enjoy these images.

Arial images can be breath-taking. I think, the people behind this drone should go next to the refugee camps and bring us some never before seen images of those horrible places.

صور جمالية لمدينة غزة من الجو


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