Thursday, July 30, 2015

Mohammed Assaf Flirts With Egypt In New Music Video #AywaHaghani

There have been many Egyptians who did songs for Palestine. Many and countless did sing for Palestine from Egypt and outside of it. For once, we get a Palestinian singer doing a sweet love song for Egypt. It feels nice to have one of our own doing a song for Egypt at those dark hour.

What I think cool is that Assaf did the song in a real street and people had no idea what to make of it. It appears that few appearing  in the music video did spot him and knew he is the Arab Idol in the flesh. It's pretty a near concept to explore. While it's true that all Arabs loved Assaf and voted for him due to his symbolic rise to fame and also to his bright talent.

The song itself was released on Assaf's debut album and it made some waves for him in Egypt with his fan base. But Assaf filmed a story from the heart of that country and from its streets among it's people. He lived the lifestyle at least for a day. After all Assaf did visit Egypt right before he auditioned to the Arab Idol that made him the mega star and ambassador he is. Assaf ditches the cool things and enjoys the simple lifestyle and walks among the people.

The Palestinian artists might be pitching in to help boost Egypt tourism efforts by telling stories and projecting what we often forget in the midst of all the political madness. The song offers some wisdom on life and some lessons on people. I like the cafe scene and how people got into it to sing along with Assaf. And then comes the Nile cruise with its well-known parties.  

محمد عساف - كليب ايوه هغني | Mohammed Assaf - Aywa Haghani music video


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