Monday, July 27, 2015

#MyMAYA Album Is Out! Erotica With Lebanese Maya Diab

01 – Biradini
02 – Da Mtallaa Eeni
03 – Ghmorni W Shedd
04 – Habbayt Nemshi Sawa
05 – Keda Bardou
06 – Kilmi
07 – Ktir Awi Keda
08 – Sabaa Terwah
09 – Ya Bayyaiin El Assal

Girls make everything nice, guys have to take everything and turn into something dirty. Take fro example Maya Diab's new song and music video. She asks him to huge her and press tight. Then the duo are in bed rolling in bed. I do not get it, I do not think this is necessary, but the fans have something to say. Then one song ends and another one begins and a new storyboard. The handsome guy brings her back to life and they end up together.

Maya Diab is a married woman and she is even being directed by another female director so this might be girl power in action. No doubt the location is captivating and the performance is new to Maya Diaib. As for the album, I get the feeling that she did not have any real music produces in the studio to tell guide her and challenge her to be the best Maya she can be.

I feel the album is average, what's missing is a genuine hit song that makes one happy and sends young people to the dance floor. While the album has some good songs, no lead song jumps to mind, lots of emotions and female sided tales. But also, Maya talks like one of these street kids at least in one song.

Maya Diab - Ghmorni w Chedd &; Kilmi / مايا دياب - غمرني وشد و كلمي


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