Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Next Amr Diab Sings An Old Song Of Amr Diab's

Ramy Sabry has always been a big fan of Egyptian pop star--he is one of the tens of millions of fans. But Ramy has two things going right for him, he is a composer/singer and he happens to look a bit like the pop legend himself.

While those two artists have separate careers and have met a lot of success, Ramy has not escaped being compared to Amr Diab, in almost every other interview they ask him if he is trying to be the next Amr Diab.

Amr Diab has been doing songs for the past 30 plus years, Ramy has been doing the same for the past ten. One different remains, Ramy Sabry composes songs for his peers in the pop scene, Amr Diab has yet to do so.

See Ramy Sabry do a cover of a beloved Amr Diab classic during one of his concerts in 2013
رامي صبري اغنيه تملي معاك للفنان عمرو دياب - بورتو مارينا 2013
Tamally Maak - Amr Diab تملى معاك - عمرو دياب


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