Sunday, September 13, 2015

Soccer, Women, Music And Pigs Make Up This Egyptian Movies

This Eid like every Eid, there will be few movies in the movie theaters around Egypt wanting to empty the pockets of film goers. El Sobky film production makes sure to have at least one movie competing for the box office.

El Sobky family has been making the same movie with the same loose plot for the last five years and the idiots reward them for it. A belly dancer with a heart of gold, a sexy lady that all the guys want to be with, a very nice guy who always does the right thing, and a sleazy character. Not to forget the music have wedding songs done in the Sha'abi taste and that comic relief. It's a formula that has been used and it works.

This time El Sobky family made the same movie but this time, they made it about soccer and some misfits ladies in shorts wanting to play ball.
اعلان فيلم " عيال حريفة - / فيلم عيد الاضحي 2015