Friday, September 18, 2015

The Welcome Return of Hip Star Girini In "Da Habibi" @AbduGrini

Grini returns to much fanfare, this awesomely cool Moroccan hit-maker is back with a pop song that brings out the party in each one of his fans. He went with catchy Egyptian lyrics, kept his dope hair style and brought out dozens of young people to dance along. There's fashion and there's some cool outfits from this hip artist who sure can dance.

This feels like a whole new style of music to the star, it feels a bit like the funk from the 70s, it's a razzle dazzle...while the song is fast paced, the song is a decent showcase for Grini, it shows off a lot of his vocal talent aside from his hip appearance.

Grini is still cool even after ten years in the show business he still moves like magician who is unafraid to come across as a more of a Western performer than an Eastern one. But the director did a good job creative a sweet music video.

The song is worth the wait, we have not gotten a song from Grini in years now, this song is the right choice for a much needed comeback.  
جريني - ده حبيبي | Grini - Da Habibi


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