Friday, September 11, 2015

Abdel Fattah El Grini Refuses To Lose His Signature Hair @AbduGrini

Abdel Fattah El Grini did release many hits throughout his music career of ten years. The hip artist has something else heis well-known for-his hair. His Arab Afro is a brand of its own and the star often jokes that he sleeps in one room and his hair in another.

We have not heard from this pop star in a very long time, but it looks he is ready to give us a piece of him and it will be a new song. The awesome news, there will be a big name attached to the song which is Lebanese producer Hadi Sharara. This is great news for fans of this cool Moroccan star whose last gig was to host the Coke Studio show.

Here's the promo for his new single, and its filled with humor and the hair takes center stage. Let's wait to see this hit in the making and thanks Girni for showing a sense of humor about his hair that brings him a lot of questions.  
جريني - ده حبيبي - قريباً | Grini - Da Habibi Promo


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