Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Naya, The Lebanese Girl Who Likes To Party

She is so young, she is so ditsy and if she can figure out how to get the microphone thing to work, she would make a fortune. Naya is not a new comer--she has been in the business for about three years, but technically, she is still new, and has one album under her belt.

At a concert in Beirut at a local hotel, she rocked the night with her playback singing--you can tell when the microphone gets loose, her floral mini dress.She sang her favorite songs to the attendees and she is full of life and the party was fun for her taking part.

I do not know if the dress was a good choice, but the other outfits were not any less shocking. Let's be fair, Beirut like to party.

نايا تتألق في سهرة الريجنسي بالاس


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