Saturday, September 19, 2015

Lebanese Ghady Is Feeling Very Gay Right Now!

Lebanese pop star Ghady is feeling very sexy right now and he does not mind undressing and sharing his body with the world where he leaves little to the imagination. Those abs are meant to kill! The Lebanese firefighter is not starting fires with his music.

Not only does he take off his own clothes, he has asked of his models to do the same thing. These revealing swimsuits are something new and the water and wetness is going places. This is a good song (other than the line about the prophet Jo is silly, but as music is is pretty decent.

Ghady grow up and stop using that fake tan. He is a good looking guy and he is making many ladies out there so happy, and with that lots of gay guys are savoring this latest music video.

Ghady - Btendam | غدي - بتندم


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