Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Khaleejis Are More Prepared For Orgies Than Wars

I laugh when I see Khaleeji men act all tough and manly. Few tribes in Yemen is fighting back agasaint half a dozen armies invading their country. See, the Saudis and the Emirates have gone to war agasaint Yemen. The goal is to liberate the country from its own people and installing a friendly regime.

It's tough to deny this, but they have droves of weapons and fancy gadgets in those tow countries, Yemenis do not have anything, just the will and justice. This worked for them. In one day dozens of army officers from Saudi, the UAE and Kuwait perished invading their brothers. These army officers have brought death to Yemen,  not peace.

I do not mourn them. Their party crazed leaders who sent them to their fate re to be held accountable. They Khaleej thought Yemen would be an easy target, it wasn't. The generals in the armies of Saudi Arabia and UAE have never seen a real war and they are best prepared for orgies than for war. This is why they suck at it. Plus Yemenis, are willing to die for their countries, what are these invading offers willing to die for? They are not fighting to defend their own country, but rather fighting to install an out of touch regime that has been rejected by the people.

If this leader the Saudis want to run Yemen was any popular why is he hiding in Saudi Arabia and not among his people in Yemen? I do not hate Saudi Arabia, or any other country, I just hate it when they do stupid things.

I wrote this because I just saw a new song/poem propaganda piece done for the UAE's army and leadership. It's a show off piece. The funny thing is that there are tons of mercenaries fighting on behalf of all countries involved.
قدام يالقوات ( كليب ) - المجموعة | Gdam Yal Kwat ( Clip ) - Group


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