Wednesday, September 16, 2015

WATCH: Nawal El Zoghbi Bringing Sexy Back (And Fireworks)

Joe Bou Eid had his way with Nawal El Zoghbi and put his stamp on her resume. He filmed her latest music video in Romania and gave her the sexed up makeover she needed. The image is similar to her own look about ten years ago. Filmed in Romania and this is where the party is....

Nawal looks stunning in this music video filled with energy and festivities.  This is a big production and Nawal got in the best shape of her life to fit this bill. This is a party song that has so much fireworks....the frames are so fast chaining and each second has plenty of things going right for it.

I think this is how Nawal El Zoghby found her way back to the A list and the cool artists who are trend-sitters and hit-makers. She has always been a big name, now she adds a bit more sizzle. And Joe was the right guy to direct her in the music video and give her a new lease on life.

There are way too many locations, and too many outfits and dudes with shirts and it feels like a new year party meets a pool party and everyone is there to have a good time.

Ya Gadaa - Nawal El Zoghbi ياجدع - نوال الزغبى


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