Thursday, September 10, 2015

Arab Idol Runner up Ahmed Gamal Back With A New Music Video @IdolAhmedGamal

Ahmed Gamal did great things on the set of Arab Idol more than two years ago. He had that every young Egyptian man look and sounded so good. The young talented even could play the Oud and compose some music. But still he has not shown his potential. The smiling singer does keep his big smile coming and he feels like a seasoned pop artist.

I think this new song and music video fro him will do the trick. He sounds so likable and so flirty. It's a shame he had to whitewash his love interest. And he has put so much makeup on his face to look the part--it's like he is ashamed of his dark Egyptian skin. I have seen this music video storyboard if not a 100 times, a thousand times. So originality is missing here.

When Ahmed Gamal fans look like him, why does he go bring a foreigner to be his love interest? Is this not low self-esteem?  Also while he sings for Egypt and sings how great Egypt is--like his song for the Suez Canal. He felt the urge to go away form Egypt to film this music video. Why everything you see in this clip, you can find in Egypt why did he have to fly to Amsterdam?

Ahmed Gamal, you are a big talent, two words for not let people use you and do not forget your talent, you can do pop but also other serious songs, be the male Amal Maher.
Edhaky - Ahmed Gamal إضحكى - احمد جمال


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