Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Egyptian Women Are So Spicy Says One Chauvinistic Song

Her name is Bosy and she is a woman that is making a truck load of money in Egyptian entertainment. She started off as a singer, then she was a big hit at all these fancy Egyptian weddings. Eventually, movie producers courted her to sing promo songs for their movies, then she started to star in these films and the rest if history.

Bosy is promoting a new movie where she is accompanied by plenty of other women are either playing the sexy role or just dancing. So women have no roles in El Sobky films but to dance for the man, cheer him up or show him her skin. This is a challenge for you out there, name one good female character from El Sobky films.....

Bosy is dancing for a bunch of men--they only females you see in this promo are the ones who are dancing and the same goes for the men. Also, can you spot one good looking man? No, it's like they wanted to cast the least good looking men in Egypt but the hottest females.

And all of a sudden as a society in Egypt-they shy away from talking about street harassment and catcalls. Bossy, do these movies and songs you make help women? I do not think so. She is really in bed with all these jerks and criminals molesting women in the streets of Egypt.

Egypt is going to hell--and they are not the only ones.
اغنية " شطة نار / محمود الليثى " بوسي /- فيلم عيال حريفة " فيلم عيد الاضحي 2015


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