Monday, September 28, 2015

Shayma Helali Brings All The Boys To The Yard

Shayma Helali is doing great things for Rotana, for once she is making them look good and cool without trying too hard. This Tunisian pop diva has a new single in that Khaleeji dialect and it's all about parties. Sure, it has a neat title even those who do not like Khaleeji music tune in to hear what this lady is up to.

I did not think this would be a dance song, but here it's and it's festive and exciting. Rotana values Shayma and it seems she has the connections to make her career a stellar one. Her song is about being stubborn and how she appreciate it. It's meant to be a cute song that gets people--especially young ones who are melodramatic

Shayma Helali ... Aheb Enady - Lyrics Video | شيماء هلالي ... احب عنادي - فيديو بالكلمات


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