Sunday, September 20, 2015

Tony Kiwan Serenades Yet Another Lady (Video)

Tony Kiwan has always been a flirty Lebanese force who likes to do his onw style and work on his own personal clock. While Tony has been a pop star for two decades, he remains one of the lesser known or lesser marketed talented in his country. Tony does not strike me as an aggressive self-promoter, though he has a good face, he seems to work within the radio era model.

Doing singles every now and then, not talking much about his work and concerts does not help. However, his fans know him and seek him out--they fly him all over the globe. Now he returns with a rare music video where he serenades his lady and makes her feel like the princess she is.

The beat is the safest you will get, it never bores you, the model is working on pulling the nerdy look--lose the glasses seems the message.

Tony Kiwan Chou Helwe طوني كيوان - شو حلوي هالعيون


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