Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Moustafa Amar Trips AGAIN!

I want Moustafa Amar to have a nice comeback. He is a pop star we grew up listening to his music and appreciating his music videos. He promised a comeback last year with an album and it was just noise. He promised another comeback this year with a single and the fans were disappointed.

Here's his new song that was supposed to be the bomb....but it wasn't it. I do not enjoy this, but I am hardily the only one who sees this song is a average song. There are still great songs out there, Moustafa just needs to get out of his comfort zone and reach out to some of the biggest name in music and lyrics.

If he has to be humble and ask them for help, he should. He deserves another chance. We like him and we miss him. But this "Eyon Mashalla" track is one big meh. And it feels like a hit in 2006 not in 2015.
Moustafa Amar -Eyon Mashalla | مصطفى قمر - عيون ماشاالله


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