Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A New Palestinian Vocalists Is Born! Lina Sleibi Stands Tall @lina_sleibi

Lina Sleibi is a talented diva with a voice worthy of the biggest names in the indie vocalist scene. the young women form Palestine is out with a new song that feels like gold and sounds like diamonds. It's a beautiful song that feels warm and human by a young soul.

This is a fancy song for the soul, the kind you enjoy in the morning with a cup of coffee. I must say the amazing team behind the song worth celebrating. Fine art is no longer exclusive for the Israeli occupation. The people of Palestine will stand toe to toe and let their art speak for them. Lina Sleibi  is just one example and I expect great things from this bright star.

Lina came into my radar few months ago with her famous cover for the old country. Now, she steps a bit more with an original song that plays to her strength. Recorded and created in between Jordan and Palestine, the song travels the world thanks to the expansive fan base that Lina enjoys.   
Lina Sleibi - Atwaqa' لينا صليبي - أتوقع

Music and lyrics
Mohammed Alhasan
Mix and mastering:
Arif Amer
Abdullah Haji
Solo Violin
Ali Aloliwi
Saad Alaabar
Ayman Bergas
Mohammed Aseeri
Mohammed Alhasan
Recording Studio:
Take Time Studio - Bahrain
Kawar Studios - Jordan
Sound Engineer:
Ali Sameer
Haytham Kawar
Special thanks to:
Vivid Photography
Omamah makeup
Ahmed AlShams
Mohamed AlThawadi


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