Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Egyptian Pimps And Hoes Sing In El Sobky Whorehouse Film

Women in Egypt are still likened to food and people are cool with it. Here's what is trending in Egypt now. A movie for the Eid is about to be released and to promote it, there is a song that feels like somebody has slapped you with a bag of shit on you face. In this song he calls the lady--let's call her that a piece of candy, a cookie, Jordan Almond and a pussy cat.

The song is with that Armenian dancer that's shaking all of herself for the pleasure of the massed in Egypt. And the guy whose voice is causing all the rioting is none by the Mahmoud Al Leethy. This is a trashy film with gutter quality cast. The plot seems to have some sports and ladies playing soccer and dancing like there is no tomorrow.

اغنية بونبوناية /- محمود الليثى " صوفينار / فيلم عيال حريفة / فيلم عيد الاضحى 2015


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