Thursday, September 10, 2015

A Hilarious Video! Indie Music Meets 90's Pop Kid

Egyptian singer Medhat Saleh has just shown that he is a cool guy. In a new promo video he appears along two of Egypt's hottest indie artists Zap Tharwat (rap artist) and Amir Eid (indie rock from Cairokee band) and together they made this hilarious video.

You see Medhat Saleh is considered the first pop artist and the first singer to release a music video--he did that in the late 80s. This video is promoting a new network called "IN" carried by a cellular network provider.

Then came 2011 and Amir and Zap shot to fame. Now the two get to be seen together making fun of each other and looking like good friends. Medhat plays the unwanted guest who wants to party with the cool kids. Then he does a bit of his beloved classic song.

معلش يا استاذ مدحت بس IN للشباب بس


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