Friday, September 25, 2015

"I Think Like A Westerner" Song By Tarek Issa

Here's is a young pop star who has an upbeat song about going made for his loved one. He is sweet and he starts his song with kisses and touches. Tarek Issa has no problem oversharing with his listeners. I like the beat and the music. Tarek sounds pretty good.

He has fallen in love with his home girl--he pledges to stay in love with her. As if Tarek has women from all over the world falling in love with him. As a dance song, I can see folks doing the Debka to his tunes. He also likes the Eastern ways of doing business. Yet the title of the song, I think like Western!

Tarek sounds like an expat but sings like one of these guys who have never been outside of his family's home.

طارق عيسى عقلي غربي / Tarek Issa 3a2ly gharby 2014


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