Sunday, September 27, 2015

Young Khaleeji Singers Abdul Aziz Luies vs. Mohamed Al Shehhi

Not every young artist who want to sing gets a record deal. Not even in the rich countries in the Khaleej. There are way too many young stars (some of them are bright) But there are also the young stars who do not want to work in music. they may just want one song and get famous or do that song and then step back.

I found two artist from the Khaleej who are making good pop music and I like their voices. The first is Abdul Aziz Luies and the later is Mohamed AlShehhi. Different styles and different stories, just same entertainment value. The first song is about being sweet and in love, the other is about dancing to the lyrics of cat and mouse songs.
عندي إنت - عبدالعزيز الويس | Andi Enta - AbdulAziz Luies

يا عمري - محمد الشحي | Ya Omri - Mohamed AlShehhi


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