Monday, September 14, 2015

Now Hiba Tawaji's Sees The Children Of Refugees @hibatawaji @OussamaRahbani

Hiba Tawaji has a big heart. She now tackles the issue of refugees and homeless ones. This is a human song that is fitting to a number of Arab countries. Syrians can relate to this song, and so do Iraqis and Palestinians. Lebanese may feel it as well. This song is about the little children of refugees who can be seen driving around the streets of Lebanon.

Street beggars, washing cars, selling stuff on the side of the road...etc. Some of them even have jobs and have give up on their dreams. As a song produced and put together by the house of Rahabni, it shows some responsibility on their side. Ghady wrote and Oussama composed. It's a serious problem in Lebanon and sadly, the elite in Lebanon have no solution. The common man in the streets does not see this as a good sign.

This is a moving song that humanizes the little ones, Lebanon hosts hundreds of thousands of refugees, but it's a small and a not very rich country. To be honest Lebanon has done more for the refugees that these rotten Khaleeji states who have the means. I only wish more of those celebrities would do things for the little ones. These kids do not have to drown had we not felt so stubborn about political matters. There's no right or wrong, but when kids start to get hurt, we collectively fail.

I salute the artists for releasing this song now, I like how they made them no more faceless by naming one Rami, he became the subject of the song and his work in the bakery shop. Not sure what to make of the French subtitle, but I will take it. This is the magic of the house of Rahbani, they make their music with a timeless appeal. So ten years form now, this song would still be celebrated, twenty more? Sure. This way they does not make reactionary songs, just broader themes songs that speak to different people.
Hiba Tawaji - Awlad El Chawareh / هبه طوجي - اولاد الشوارع

Lyrics: Ghady Rahbani
Music: Oussama Rahbani
Produced By Oussama Rahbani 2015©


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