Monday, June 28, 2010

Ramy Sabry, the Post Amer Diab Singer

If there was a post Amer Diab era, there would be a need for one male star that will be the greatest, I know it's been said that Tamer Hosny will be the Star once Amer Diab, the greatest lead Arab singer that turns anything he touches into gold. I think Tamer is great, and he sells albums and movie tickets, but I do not think he has the heart and the appeal that Amer Diab has....while Amer Diab conrinutes to make music that pleases his fans...I see a star already on his way to become as great as Amer Diab....drum roll...

Ramy Sabry is already half way through his journey to become that the voice of a generation that star, he has already releases two albums that rival each other in being great and provide a variety of songs that appeals across the board. Mr. Sabry is a true musician, he does not just sing words, he makes music; he is smart and cultured in that sense. He already has one song with Asalah, and has written music for a number of Arab singers on top of releasing those albums. Ramy is the guy you have to like because he is a nice guy and you can see him humble even though he is in the spot light and often in sold out concerts in Egypt....if you really ever doubted this guy's talents, wait and listen to this song....if the music does not move you, then Ramy Sabry's voice will win you over. and keep in mind, Ramy has the fashion sense that many other Arab stars lack, he knows what to wear and he is never over or under dressed for an occasion.

Ramy Sabry - Gowwaya Hat'eish / رامي صبري - جوايا هتعيش


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