Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tamer Hosny's Album is Upon Us

Here is review of Tamer Hosny's latest album. A medium size disappointment as I was unable to find anything new in what will be this year’s biggest selling album for the Runner up King of Arabic pop.

I know Tamer talked about playing a bigger role in the production of this album, he wrote lyrics, music, arranged music and done it all but this is the bad news. That’s why I am beginning to think the title of the album is incorrect Ekhtart Sa’h translated to “I made the right choice” instead it should be titled, "I wanted to make the right choice" because that's what Tamer tried to do and from what I heard so far he has met little success for a guy whose album sells at a premium.

I do like the goatee, the shorts and new casual look Tamer has in this album,. the white suit outfit was getting old and a summer makeover is in the right place.

Sweet Melody Ya SaLaM سويت ميلودي يا سلام, this must be the Euro trash year for Tamer Hosny to incorporate a club mix in English and Arabic. This song makes me think that the Arabic speaking world is not big enough for this Arab star and to his credit he must be the headrest working Arab in the show business. Movies, Music, promotions, concerts...etc. I do not think he can do more than what he has already done. But this song is a flop in my book and do not think Europeans will be rushing to shake their stress away on his music.

Yom Wra Yom- تامر حسنى يوم ورا يوم It feels like a cheap knock off European music, sure the lyrics get better, and the female voice saves the song from being boring. 3alya, the new singer is a welcome addition to Tamer's album. To his credit Tamer does try to help young stars as much as he can, he also benefits from that too. Amer Diab has not helped many.

كم واحد فينا Kam Wahid Feena this is the song Tamer wrote a warning to, he asked his fans not to enjoy this song near their loves ones as it might get them in trouble, the song that sings for passed love and having to settle for less than perfect love story. It plays on the doubts lovers have for their love and how real it is as skepticism will celebrate this song. The crazies might also find an excuse for their lack of trust in their loved ones. But most people in the middle East do not have those extensive love experiences Tamer sings about in this particular song.

Gowaya Ehsas- تامر حسنى جوايا احساس, this song is confusing, sure Tamer's voice is good, but listens get lost who is living with whom? The music is old, not like old and good, just not creative. And for an instant I imagine Tamer getting bored and walking off the set before this song was done.

Ein Shams- تامر حسنى عين شمس, this song was supposed to be a good one as Tamer bragged about it, I just do not see it.....I have heard this Tamer before, telling a story of his crush. Tamer gives the Arab stalker guide for being a creep while going to a college in Egypt. If you are a girl and think this song is cute, think again. I like the beat of the song, and the Tamersque style where he has an imaginary dialogue with the girl he is smitten by.

Sehet 3a Sotaha- تامر حسنى صحيت على صوتها OK, Tamer is trying to mess around with his voice in this song, you can hardly recognize his style anymore. Maybe I just do not listen anymore to what his lyrics say, as they sound the same after a while, that's why I find this song same old, same old

Tamer Hosny Ba7lam Eih, OK this is a new song in which Tamer sings for his older fans about wanting to have a kid with them and settling down to bring up this kid. Of course Tamer is also flirting with the mom as he is telling the lady in his song, "You will become a mother" nice and cute, but can she also be a doctor or a lawyer? But for now Tamer cares about this kid to have his look. Tamer uses his extra sensitive voice to bring out this song. And if you like the music video, you have Tamer to thank as he is also the director of this music video.

Tamer Hosny - Ya Wa7eshny, This is the kind of music that is better served in a soundtrack for a cheesy romantic love story with teenagers. I do not know, but I think Tamer must be a fan of Taylor swift and her style as I am seeing a lot more similarities of the stories they both tell and the music. I must say, I like this song; it reminds me of Tamer Hosny earlier work in his early days before he was a mega star.

Three weeks ago, I heard Tamer songs playing in my apartment hallway, and I wondered who is listening to his music, I even wondered if there are any Arabs living nearby. I found out that our next door is a single young Latin woman that is a fan of Tamer and his music. I thought it was both faltering and interesting. with this new album in the year of 2010 I find many things missing in this new album, I have not found one catchy song like his earlier albums with the title songs like “Ya bint Al eeh”, “Ya Ta3bah Kol el Nas”, this album is made for the helpless romantic and the Arab countries are no short on those so Tamer's career is safe.

In the meantime, if you are fan of Tamer's music (I am most of the time) I give you his song from his latest blockbuster movie...this song was not in the album, but it should have been there it would have made the album a lot more interesting.


  1. it depends on an individual's choice
    if you dont like it,, dont listen ,but if one likes
    then they dont want any opinion from any critics or you or anyone
    he was better best and graceful before
    and now he is mature golden popular from before
    everytime he is with something different
    iam not an arab ,iam a fan from the corner of world, I started listening him when i was 15,ITS Been 7yrs
    and i say he is really a correct choice when it comes to an arabic music
    Tamer is a king and Nancy ajram is a Queen in this Era*