Friday, June 11, 2010

Not Just A Song, A Message

Maher Zain, the Lebanese multinational Muslim singer is one singer that has found his zen. "Thank You Allah" Maher's album that has been making waves in the Arab and Muslims music scenes. Knowing that the music scene is saturated with love songs, he is not singing just about love. Maher is tackling issues of higher love, love for the divine. His music videos do not have dancers or cool props, he manages to highlight issues of concerns to his fans. His previous music video was animation about a little Palestinian girl resisting the occupation. His new music video is another wonderful treat that speaks in so many languages, (Awakening Record released it in Arabic, French, Turkish and English)

Themes of poverty, oppression, injustice, occupation and hope are all present in this music video. I am glad that Maher is still making good music closer to the hears of Muslims everywhere, he is one true star that has shown his dedication to good respectful art and the issues of his fans care about. He has volunteered for many Muslim charities in Europe and I hope I get to see him live in concert here in the States.

I ask the fans to buy the CD in order to reward Awakening Record for their risk taking and their willing to let great meaningful music to be heard and enjoyed.

Maher Zain - Insha Allah | ماهر زين - ان شاء الله

His song for Palestine released about six months ago


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