Friday, June 18, 2010

Singers Are Going it Alone

Haitham Shaker, Egyptian singer turned actor gives an interview where he talks about his latest music projects and his new movie. I like his honesty about the status of the music business in the Arab world and the challenges they are facing....he also talks about his deal and what the future hold for him.

I think Haitham Shaker is a good singer with a good voice, but I have yet see him in a hit song, all his songs are OK, but I have not seen him turn out in a the meantime his best Pal Tamer Hosny dominates the charts. Now Haitham will be producing his own albums and I hope he can deliver and release a song that makes him stand out.

Update: two years later and the company has yet to make an album, plus Haitham Shaker took part of a pro Mubarak rally, a stunning idiotic thing to do.

Interview with Haitham Shaker لقاء مع هيثم شاكر


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