Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Jamal Yaseen Fun Filled Music Video

Jamal Yaseen (Jammal Yassine, Jamal Yasin) is one charming young singer, he is Tom Cruise charming. Not sure why he rarely makes the news, but this pop guy is one savvy singer. His warm voice, yet playful demeanor set well with people--young and old.

check out his latest music video, I have not liked his previous music video, even thought the song was good (the music video was about creepy stalking) but with this new music video about waiting for your loved one to make the right move--or approve the move that you have already made.

The song is cute, the dancers are fun to look at without going over the top and the back story we all can relate to and I mean everyone married and single can see the story happening to them.

The kind of flexibility Jamal's voice enjoy helps him appeal to both the sophisticated listeners and use music close to the average citizen.

Jamal Yassine- Ana Mistanni 3aleik جمال ياسين أنا مستني عليك


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