Monday, August 22, 2011

Mohammad Saad Sing is The Arab Weird Al

His movies are often silly, shallow and idiotic, but they make millions. What makes movies by comedic actor Mohammad Saad succeed is his persona. He always has a song to promote his movies, the song tends to be the funnies thing about the movie.

Mohammad Saad sings those songs with his voice that the fans have grown to know and love. He does not try to be a lover boy, but rather he works to sound like your mechanic and the guy who brings your coffee...he answers your questions what if those people want to sing.

Here comes his new song to promote the movie Tik Tik Boom about a thug who wants to get married but in the night of his wedding, the revolution starts. The title is funny, the prince of the universe.

اغنيه برنس العالم لمحمد سعد - من فيلم تك تك بووم


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