Sunday, August 21, 2011

Edward Can Sing, But He Really Doesn't Want Too

He can Sing, we know he had that 2001 hit song Linda, a light pop song with a Spanish Guitar, but Egyptian entertainer Edward, just doesn't want to sing anymore. It might be that' there's little money in that business. One thing is certain, Edward is serious about his acting. He is  in every Egyptian comedy, and the guy who can play goofy sidekick like no other.

This actor has tens of movies to his credit, that range from romance to comedy. Mostley average flicks with some humor where Edward plays the same character over and over again. But at least in some other movies he did something different "Hassan We Murkus", he did the annoying goofball guy he wants to get married to a girl who does not care about him much. In "Assal Eswed", he did the down on his luck guy. I saw a hint of acting there too.

Edward never seems to want to go back to singing, he is a box office dude, he is the sidekick, the comic relief for most of the movies he appears in. I do not think he has challenged himself enough. He is just happy making money behaving in front of a camera.

Last known song to Edward came in 2008 for a a very good movie "Cabaret" where he plays an aspiring young singer who steals the thunder form his former boss. His characters often lack the depth, but this is hardly his fault. but it's a lot more about humor than singing. He did well then.

Edward - Teb'ed Any / ادوارد - تبعد عنى


  1. In hassan we murkus Edward was not playing an evil character you stupid. If you can't write an accurate story or blog about him its best you don't.

  2. Also sorry your grammar sucks. Go learn how to write better.

  3. Thank you for the feedback! Come back again.