Saturday, August 13, 2011

Syrian Asmahan Pronounce Arabic Better

Asmahan came from Syria and conquered Egypt, she was a worthy rival of Oum Kalthoum as Asmahan knew how to sing, and dazzle. Being from Syria, she also knew how to speak/sing proper classical Arabic, something does not come natural to many Egyptians.

This mellow singer that was both relaxed and serious about her art. The way she gets into her songs tells you, she took it seriously. But unlike singer of her generations she did not do long poems. But she worked with the name names that Oum Kalthoum has worked with like Qasabjy who did the music for this track.

Asmahan is the queen of melodramatic songs that comes from the heart and ends there. She might have been inspired in all that sorrow form her own tortured personal life. In this song she is sinning in Fus'ha, the modern standard Arabic

أسمهان أسقينها بأبي أنت وأمي


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