Sunday, October 2, 2011

Rima Alsafi, Egypt's Pop Blond Singer

Egypt has about one singer for every one thousand people--I just made that up to make a point that there are many singers. You would think there's enough of them and we will not hear from them for some time. But wrong ti seems that every day there is someone out there posting a new music video, pictures mp3 and asking you to enjoy.

Here comes Rima Alsafi whose new funky music video with a bizarre cowboy thuggish feel to it. But there's also that urban moves and dances you come to know. Also while on the subject of strange, the blond look is not Egyptian and never will be grown locally.

there are so many bikes and cheesy things appearing in the music video that don't make much sense, just like the song itself. there are also the cheap looking CG affects and the endless buffet of outfits the singer features. I really cannot tell you how her voice sounds due to the busy music video.

Rima Alsafi - Wahishny / ريما الصافى - واحشنى


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