Friday, October 7, 2011

Rakan Latest Dashing Music Video On Luck

Man wakes up to find himself in a room he does not recognize, but we luckily we recognize the young Saudi singer Rakan who will go down in history as the first Arab singer to use QR Code or Quick Response codes in his music video.Yes those are the ones you take pictures of with you smartphone and they take you places.

Now Rakan once more reveals that he is the cool singer form the Gulf that knows how to reach the youths of Arabia with his voice and his image. Just about anything in this music video looks way cooler than if others have used it. Rakan knows how to dress and he certainly knows how to impress.

A song about luck or fate for that matter with a lot of bright colors and local gulf beat that makes it worthy. Make sure to explain to your parents what are those little things you see all around in the music video, but they need no explanation as far as this song goes, it's a winner.

Once again Rakan brings it and I am excited for this young singer that keeps on giving us something to love.

راكان الحظ | Rakan AlHadh