Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pause Music Production Upcoming Concert Lineup

Pause a new Egyptian music production company is putting together a concert this weekend in Egypt at the Cultural Wheel. They tabbed their biggest young names to headline the concert. Jordanian Rapper Nasser, young pop singer Rania Naguib, Moroccan Tahra Hmimichi, Palestinian Dyla Ouda, Hani Hussein, Egyptian Noha Shabha

Those are all young voices that have competed in Star Academy to modest to great success. This could also be a fashion show by just looking the pictures you know jeans is the way to go. However, this concert will be worth it and I am certain it will sell out--those singers have their own fans and the tickets have been reasonably priced.

Album Pause 1 Live Concert Promo | حفل نجوم ألبوم بوز 1


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