Friday, October 14, 2011

Hany Shaker MakesThe Best Grieving Father Song

Egyptian super star classy singer Hany Shaker is grieving Father by losing his daughter to cancer, it rocked his world. But he turned out to be a man with unshakable faith. As far as we know he will not be quitting his career.

Now comes a new clip from the man himself--a song about the best memories of a man who is missing something--there's a gap in his life for that thing. The song can be for a loved one like a spouse of a daughter.

It offers powerful touching lyrics, and some great electric guitar. The clip tells a touching love story with a significant other and their little gal caught in disagreement. Do a basic search for his images on Google and you will notice the strong present his late daughter has with images of her wedding and her time with her father.

Hany Shaker - Ahla El ZekRrayat / هاني شاكر - أحلى الذكريات


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