Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hamada Helal Amn Dawlat, The Arabic Pacifier

Movies with kids or made for kids make a lot more money than other movies, becasue the entire family goes in and buys thickets to the show. To make an original movie fro kids is sort of hard..they always remake older stories.

Hamada Helal's last role was a kickass boxer in his movie released in 2008. This holiday season he is making a comeback with a new movie that combines humor and action in one plot. Yes, this would be similar to the Vin Diesel Flick The Pacifier where tough guy is commissioned with protecting the little ones.

Even the poster is suggesting the link...will this be a funny movie? I think it will be Hamada is a good natured actor with an incredible smile. On the plus sides, the kids really like seeing him in movies too.

There seems to be a focus on kids, but there's also few sexual innuendos in here and there. And since Hamada is a singer to begin with, there has to be music and live entertainment by the lead guy. all other females have to play a supporting role where he gets all the best lines.

تريلر فيلم حماده هلال " أمن دولت " Trailer Hamada Helal Amn Dawlat

تيزر 1 فيلم حماده هلال "أمن دولت" Hamada Helal Amn Dawlat Teaser 1


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