Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Old School Yemni Bedouin Arab Romance

Bedouins Are making a comeback this year, just ask Saudi artists Mohamed Batrfi the guy who wrote love songs that do not harm. Mohamed Batrfi released his first album in 1989 after years of working on the Saudi TV. his last album was also his fifth after that he stopped releasing new albums.

Influenced by local singers like Abu Baker Salim and Abdelrab Idris--the legendary singer who oversaw his first album. Mohamed Batrfi's connections to Yemen and its artists go back in time as he tries to work with local artists and take them under his wings. After all this is his native land and in 2004 he headlined concerts in Yemen once it was chosen a cultural capital for Arabs.

Mohamed Batrfi has done the concerts all over the region, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates Yemen and Saudi Arabia, but he feels he has gotten bored. but we can see one of his old music videos that help us remember who he is. This is an old school concept romance like your grandparents in Arabia used to do it-nothing too flashy.

Qasdi Men El Zain Nazra - Mohamed Batrfi قصدى من الزين نظره - محمد باطرفى


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