Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Here's Shiraz, Arab Not Persian Pop Singer

If you are in for some family friendly Arabic porn, then you got your goal. This is what singer pop sensation Shiraz offers in her Sahhart Ayouni song that features some guy names Adam Clay. The title means, "You Made My eyes Sleepless".

This is a pop song vaguely karaoke version of those European beats that young people take drugs to. Shiraz doesn't disappoint either, she spends the bulk of the music video revealing her skin and taking off some of those fancy outfits, in the hopes to make herself your favorite star.

Let's get one thing straight, had there been no computers, Shiraz would never sing and had their been no YouTube, she should never record a music video like that making herself look desperate. The girl is really good looking and I am sure she doe snot need me to say that.

This should be the business card for Shiraz to break into making Arabic porn, she seems not to worry about anything at all, she looks naturally fake. Of course those million plastic surgery won't hurt.

Shiraz & Adam Clay - Sahhart Ayouni / شيراز و آدم كلاي - سهرت عيوني


  1. I am Iranian. Why is your name Shiraz? The name of an ancient city in Iran. I really love this city