Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Walid El Chami, Iraq's Renaissance Man

Walid El Shami is one of Iraq's hardest working composers/singers. He follows in the stpes of many great musicians that came before him. Iraqi is a land rich with musicians who take up the do it yourself which means they are a one stop shop. They write their lyrics, write the music and sing too.

Unlike many other Arab entertainers, more Iraqi singer write their own music than all the other. Walid is no different. While he lives in Dubai where most of his work is focus, this Iraqi pop star just released a new single. The song is a general one but it can also be taken as a song for Iraq, or for a mother or even a lover.

That's the beauty of it. Walid has the kind of distinct voice, that you can easily tell apart from all the other, the flavor and ring his voice offer is quiet impressive. I love the line where he refers to the creator of light and fire...

وليد الشامي مطلع النور / 2011.2012 - جديد وحصري . التحميل


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