Friday, October 14, 2011

Wadee El Safi Stays Classy, Stays Original

Wadee El Safi is the closest thing Lebanon has for a male legend of music. He is like a bridge that connects the present with the past and hopefully to the future as well. This man of class and music seems not to hand his microphone and his lute yet. He is not ready to call is quits, and we are not ready to miss him.

This new song of his he sings that with what little time he has left, he still wants to bring back the good times and the old ones. He says that music and art is in his blood, a gift from god that even when they have so much trouble in their lives, those people will still not abandon their art.

The clip takes in a journey with old clips of the legends of Arabic music from the 1860 till today. This clip has original concepts and a number of clocks going in reverse. This man still has what it takes.

Wadee El Safi - Rah Eid El Zamman / وديع الصافي - راح عيد الزمن


  1. I figured out maybe a third of them. Can somebody fix & fill in?

    0:10 top TV, Farid el Atrache, bottom two screens ??? and ???
    0:45 ???
    1:00 havin' trouble with those TVs... Wadi's in the middle of the bottom row, no clue on the other three
    1:33 ??? familiar, but can't remember the name
    1:59 old clip of Wadi
    2:00 different guy as 1:33 or same one?
    2:01 ???, maybe Warda on the balcony? or is that the same clip continuing?
    2:02 this is definitely part of the same clip
    2:02 ??? and Abdel Halim
    2:05 who's the keyboard player in the color clip?
    2:06 still don't know the woman, the guy's definitely Abdel Halim
    2:09 Asmahan and a bunch of mystery costars
    2:12 "
    2:14 that's not Kalsoum, is it?
    2:15 Abdel Wahab
    2:19 ???
    2:21 ???
    2:34 should I know these groups?
    2:35 "
    2:36 "
    2:37 Sabah? and ???
    2:50 great, more TVs...same girl and Abdel Halim as the earlier clip, Warda, don't know guy at the top
    3:10 same as one of the earlier unknowns or a different guy?
    3:11 ???
    3:19 Farid again and Samia Gamal
    3:22 Kalsoum
    3:26 same as 3:11
    3:27 Farid & Samia again
    3:35 ???
    3:38 some band or someone in particular?
    3:45 Naima Akef
    4:17 ???
    4:20 same guy as above
    4:22 Wadi? Looks too thin to be Sabah Fakri