Monday, October 31, 2011

Samer Gabro Loves Bashar Assad

Samer Gabro is Syrian, we love Syrians! However Samer Gabro chose to record songs expressing his love for the gifted leader of Syria--while hundreds has been murdered. That's not an enough reason to dislike this guy--after all he may say they made me do it.

Samer is one of the handful Syrian singers who chose the folksy style, that's the drum beat similar to the Lebanese one. the lyrics have to be passionate. Think this "If this guy doesn't stop looking at you, I will gauge his eye out and murder him" I am guessing you get the idea now.

The music video won;t be earth shattering, as the low budget seems to offer little entertainment without a visionary director who wants to make something special and break into the business.
Samer Gabro - Weinoh Ely Beyhebak / سامر كابرو - وينو اللي بيحبك


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