Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Khalid Abdel Raham, Classier Than Ever

One of the few classy dudes of the Gulf music is Khalid Abdel Raham, someone you might not have heard about if you are 20 years old. While his music makes him to be one of the few classy singers in the Gulf region. Khalid is not the kind that would chase after your money, and quite frankly he does not care about the business.

His thing is Tarab, where classy poetic lyrics meet solid original music that's meant to be enjoyed when you want to be alone or when you want to enjoy a great deal of charm.

Being a fan of this Gulf singer means, you are a finer taste for good music and all things that bring you joy in this life are mean to be consumed slowly, just like this album of 9 tracks. This makes Khalid Abdel Rahman, the singer that other Gulf singers listen to and get inspired by his work and words

01.Rafe3 ELZo2
02.Enta ELnazar
03.Ya Heah
04.Set ElSetat
05.Ma Taralak
06.Ana Da5elak
07.Wesh 3ad Yefre2


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