Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hisham Abbas, Cool In the 90s, Lost In the 00s

Hisham Abbas was the fresh boy of Arab pop, the singer who never seems to take himself seriously and for that he was loved a great deal. If you know him from his 90s music videos, you will known that he is the first pop star to incorporate funk in his music as well as his videos.

I think his career peaked in 2000 with his global hit Nary Nary, that moved mountains and was remade in dozens of other languages. Then comes the big question, how do you follow that smashing success. Few can and that seemed hard for Hisham Abbas.

He never stopped making his music, in face he made few good singles here and there, but I think his fans have grown and Hisham style hasn't grown at the same pace. There is also the competition of dozens of others young singers who are hungry for fame and glory.

But Hisham is not done yet, I think he has at least one global hit in him left to bring out. To remember him in good days, check out this humor filed music video about a cat and mouse love affair. Abbas never loses his smile. Keep on mind, the model in this music video is India, she was Miss India and asked Hisham Abbas to appear in his music video becasue he was a popular dude after his Nary Nary that took India by storm.

Qol Alia Magnon - Hesham Abbas قول عليا مجنون - هشام عباس


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